Premise-based PBX Solutions

Do you want us to manage your PBX Phone System in Orlando?

BroadConnect offers a premise based PBX Phone System.  These traditional PBX Phone Systems have solid features and offer good functionality, flexibility, and can get the job done. You can choose from a variety of Premise-based PBX Phone Systems. You don’t need to worry about your phone system as our team of in-house experts will take care of everything.

What is a PBX?

A Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is a unique computer designed to route calls. This includes routing between office extensions for both inbound and outbound calls. An office which has multiple users and extensions needs a reliable PBX system.


IP PBX Systems

You can select from a wide range of  IP PBX (Internet Protocol PBX) systems as an alternative to a traditional PBX Phone System. These choices are available from leading industry VoIP Phone System providers such as Avaya, Cisco, and Polycom. You can also use middleware in conjunction with your current PBX system in order to use VoIP calling with your current hardware and handsets. These system solutions allow you to reduce ongoing costs and gain advanced VoIP phone features while using your existing legacy system.  Over time,with the help of SIP Trunking, most companies move to a full IP PBX system once their budgets allow.


Hosted PBX Systems

Companies can forgo investing in IP PBX equipment altogether by selecting a Hosted PBX Orlando business phone system solution. Hosted PBX phone systems  have a large number of advanced features with VoIP technology.  Hosted solutions are delivered using cloud-based technology over the Internet that is fully managed with ongoing updates to features.

Please contact our experts toll-free at 1 (888) 894-7869  in order to find the appropriate solution for your organization.